Transforming education

GPE supports partner countries to develop their own pathway to transform their education system by identifying key challenges, implementing priority reforms and aligning all stakeholders to achieve results.

System transformation at a glance

GPE system transformation graphic

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Education systems are complex. They are comprised of interdependent components: people (teachers, students, parents, administrators) often with different and sometimes opposing priorities, inputs (curricula, books, schools), and processes.

A system transformation approach recognizes this complexity and prioritizes bold reforms that accelerate education progress beyond business as usual, supporting large-scale and sustainable change for the benefit of a large number of children, including the most marginalized.

This approach shifts the focus from sector-specific interventions towards addressing the root causes of the barriers to equitable learning, acknowledging these sometimes lie beyond the sector.

GPE support to system transformation

System transformation must be led by countries and GPE supports governments on their journey by:

  • Leveraging the diverse networks of partners and full range of knowledge, expertise and resources to deepen understanding of sector performance.
  • Supporting coordination and alignment of national and international efforts around prioritized reforms.
  • Supporting learning and adaptive management to sustain change.
  • Funding programs that drive system transformation.
  • Gathering timely evidence to drive delivery and enable course correction.

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