Deadlines for grant applications

View the milestones and requirements to apply for GPE grants

Implementation grants

These include system transformation grants and Multiplier grants.

Deadline to submit strategic parameter documents and grant applications Board decision
February 14 March 24
March 17 April 24
April 21 May 30
May 18 June 27
June 20 July 28
August 21 September 28
September 19 October 27
October 20 November 27

Documents submitted to Board approval include approvals of strategic parameters in the partnership compact, grant applications above US$10 million and material revision requests for these grants.

For grant applications below US$10 million, and other grant revisions submitted to Secretariat approval, documents can be submitted at any time, and decisions are to be expected within 4 weeks.

Program development grants

Eligible countries can submit applications for program development grants (PDGs) at any time.  

The grant agent prepares and submits the application, signed by the coordinating agency, together with the required documents to the GPE Secretariat at @email. The government of the eligible country must also sign off on the application.

The PDG application package consists of:

  • Completed PDG application form
  • Budget template
  • If the grant agent wishes to submit any additional documents for consideration, these can be attached in the email when submitting the application.

Advocacy and social accountability grants

Applications for Education Out Loud grants are managed by OXFAM Denmark. Eligibility requirements and timelines to submit proposals for funding can be found on the Educationt Out Loud site.

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Knowledge and Innovation Exchange (KIX) grants

Applications for KIX global and regional grants are managed by the IDRC and support research, peer learning and exchanges in partner countries.

Learn more about KIX